Monday, October 09, 2006

"Diseased in the Head"

Oh my! What a week!!!

Wayne and I got to see a side of Japan that quite frankly, I hope we never have to see again. A Japanese hospital. Not because it was a Japanese hospital, but just because it was a hospital.

It all started on Tuesday night, with my big strong and usually healthy boy being very sick and a funny shade of green. On Wednesday I got him to a general doctor who then sent him off to emergency who then admitted him to stay in the hospital. It was all very scary.

Luckily, the doctor at the hospital was so sweet and cute, oh and could speak enough English to make us feel comfortable.

He did had a funny way of putting things though.....

He told us that it was an inner ear problem that was making Wayne sick. We had thought as much. But I think the stocky little doctor wanted to make sure we understood, so he continued with lots of enthusiasm;

"It's in his head, he's diseased in the head. He has a mental disease."

Had I been feeling any less stressed and freaked out, I would have asked to get that in writing.

The boy has now been released from hospital, much to our relief. He'll still go to the hospital everyday for a few more days and be put on a drip for an hour or so.

We're just so touched in all the support we've had from our friends here, friends and family back home and from my work. It's so comforting to know that we're not alone and help is always close by.

Bye for now from the woman whose husband is "diseased in the head".

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Mel & Seigo said...'s still funny :)

I reckon you could get it in writing you many ways to use that kind of material...