Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Love Triangle

As we've just finished exams and only have a couple of weeks until holidays, we've been able to do a few fun lessons with the kids. One activity we're doing with the high school students is giving them a sheet of paper with three pictures on it and asking them to write a story. The aim they are told is to write a funny story.

There is one in particular that I love from today's class. Before I get to it, I should explain the characters... Melanie - is obviously me and Sam, Adrianne and Mr K other English teachers at the school. I've left the mistakes in and copied it as is;

Sam said, "She is mine. Her eyes are shining. Her name is Melanie. But she has a husband. She is outgoing to love. She has sexy body. I always fall in love with her. I was wallow in her everyday."

But he kissed with Adrianne. The kisses is very passion. I have never explained such a sexy and pleasure kiss. I am steeped in luxurious pleasure. I can't live without her body. It was true.

Ah..... Which is better, Melanie or Adrianne? Melanie has perfect body. But Adrianne has perfect body too. But it is important to honest to me. I want to the most is Mr K. I was homo.


Brad said...

And they say romance is dead. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully he wasn't trying to disguise a true coming-out story with a joke.

Contamination said...

Mel, well it's nice to know that one teenager holds you to their ideal of physical perfection. I personally look more like "Norm" from Life Be In It.

Brad, romance is dead? Never!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Hey Brad: Na, romance will never die ;)

Hey Billy: The piece was actually written by a girl (from the perspective of one of the male teachers), so I'm pretty sure we have no worries there. Mind you, I was surprised at the number of students that wrote about homosexuality, not sure what was with that.

Hey Contimination: In my last post, in the comments I mentioned a girl that is great at sucking up - well this was written by her. I really don't think the students would think of me as having a "perfect body", especially not in this country where slim-ness to the extreme is considered ideal - I'm way to curvy for that.

Jenny said...

LOL! What a hoot!

Serena said...

Oh, I laughed so much I snorted when i read this.. glad you nominated it as your favourite post in the article.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thanks girls! I have to confess, I always looked forward to teaching this girl's class. She came up with gems most weeks.