Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Roll Call

You die! You Suck!

It feels really strange calling that out in class. But in fact, they are the names of two of my students this year; Yudai and Yusaku.


Anonymous said...

ROFL...that is such a gem!


Contamination said...

Classic indeed.

Make sure you pronounce it with a broad Australian twang!

Jason R. Taylor said...

we've had aguri saiko shin and mayo so far

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thanks Anon!

Hi Cont. Mmm.. now that would add an interesting twist to them

Hey Jason - "Aguri" (pronounced as "ugly" for anyone who doesn't speak Japanese), that's a bad one! Who in there right mind would call their kid Mayo, I mean, it's the same in Japanese! Oh, and looking forward to catching up on Friday ;)

billywest said...

I feel sorry for the poor bastard whose name gets called out before Yusaku, especially if the name is Aguri.

Brad said...

Had a great girl last year called "Bian" which is Japanese slang for "lesbian". Way to go mum and dad!

Also you gotta love "Fuka".

Aguri! Fuka! Haha!

AnastasiaC said...

haha too funny!!!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Hey Billy! Yep, that's a thought. Maybe I can seat a kid that I don't like, in front of him, it would at least make me smile. A bit like how in one of our interview tests at school, we play some different tracks. I have added "You shit me to tears" to my playlist just to play for the kids that well.. shit me ;)

Hey Brad, I think some parents should be shot. I mean why, why would you choose a name like that?

Hey Anastasiac, glad you enjoyed ;)