Sunday, June 15, 2008

Morning Routine and Morning Panic

Wayne has a one hour drive to work every day, I have a five minute bike ride. Wayne's a morning person, I'm not. Actually, Wayne is a any-time-of-the-day person, I'm a late night and early hours of the morning person, but can't live those hours during school term. Wayne gets up at about 5.30am. I sleep through my 6, 6.15 and 6.30 alarms. Wayne wakes me at seven when he's leaving for work and I get up then.

Today is Sunday. Wayne is working. He doesn't normally work on a Sunday, but one of his school's has an open day, so they swapped a Sunday for a Monday. In Australia, you couldn't simply swap a Sunday for a Monday. In Australia, Sunday is still for most, a day of rest, a day of family, a day of recovering from hangovers. But in Japan, a Sunday can simply be swapped for a Monday.

I heard Wayne get up and I went back to sleep. At seven, Wayne kissed me goodbye and I went back to sleep. Later I rolled over and looked at the clock. It was nine. I knew Wayne had gone to work. I remember him in his shirt and tie. I panicked. It must be a school day. It was nine o'clock. I was late for school. I knew this would happen one day. It was Monday, OK.. what's my Monday class schedule.. that's OK, my first class isn't until eleven. I'm late for school, but not for class. Why didn't anyone call me?

Slowly, I remembered that it was in fact Sunday and that Wayne's Sunday was swapped for a Monday. Not mine.

Now I'm worried about tomorrow morning, when it's Sunday for Wayne. Will I get up?


Contamination said...

Well I have two alarms to make sure that I am awake, but you do pretty well to be able to sleep through three.

Then again, once you have kids - you CAN'T sleep through the sound of a baby being sick. It's just something that flicks a primal switch!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Yep, I'm pretty talented to sleep through three alarms. I think you're right about not being able to sleep through kids being sick.

Contamination said...

Mel, I wish sleeping deeply was a skill that could be taught / learned. I am such a light sleeper that almost anything will wake me up, fortunately it's not hard for me to go back to sleep (usually).

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Funnily enough, I go through stages. Sometimes I'm a light sleeper, others I can sleep through anything. Sometimes I get back to sleep straight away, other times I'm awake for hours. Not so consistant.

Dad said...

Loved the story. That's my Melanie!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thanks dad. Yep, I'm still not a morning person. Not much has changed in the years have they?