Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Something to Blog About - by the absent blogger

I'm so terribly sorry for my blog absence of late, both in writing and visiting other blogs. It's one of those things, every morning I would tell myself that I would blog that day, and then either the day would run away from me or I'd get the chance and found I had nothing to say.

Nothing to worry about, it just seems that my headspace has been elsewhere. Since I blogged last, I've been a little unwell, nothing serious, nothing that won't pass, but it's just been zapping my energy. My focus has also started turning toward the move back to Australia next year.

I have been managing to write on my other blog from time to time.

Again, apologies to everyone and I'm very sorry that some of you were worried.

Anyway - I finally have something to blog about! Today, I ran into a student that I taught last year. She's the author of the very funny Love Triangle story. She had a new piece for me, all decorated with pictures of the animals she associates myself and fellow teachers as; me - a frog (I had a croaky voice for a while), Sam - a dog, my husband (not a teacher here but she met him recently) - a bunny rabbit, Adrianne - a piranha and Sean (the new teacher in town) - a teddy bear.

The message goes like this (please take it with a super-sized grain of salt);

"My teacher is Sean now. He is as good
as you. Do you remember me? Of course you do!! You like
me. Sean is very warm-hearted. We like him very much. But he
is a mystery man. My friend's name is NS. NS really turns Sean
(OK, I have to butt in here - I think that she meant to say that Sean
turns NS on, there's nothing suspicious about Sean's behaviour, now back to the message....)... Sean is a lady-killer. NS is
a knockout. But Sean seems to like Melanie. NS says "I can't handle
a man like Sean". I saw Sean and Sam walking close. Sean is trying
to make a pass at Sam. NS said "Look at me!!" She can't live without
him. Don't tell anyone. That is about all I know. It was a
slip of the tongue. Trust me. Love is blind. I'll never let
you down. You're so sympathetic. I respect you. Are you
impressed me? NS said "I wish I had never met him. He has beautiful
eyes. I want to know all about him. I think of him day and
night. There will never be another him. Smooch!!" But NS isn't
Sean's class. I'm surprised. But NS is a good student. I like
Melanie and your husband."

Ahh.. how I miss teaching her class.


Chris (i-cjw.com) said...

Good to see you back & blogging again!

forsythia said...

Glad to see another post. "Are you impressed me?" So wonderfully Japanese. I am glad there is still a year to go on your posts on Japan.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back! ^_^

Jason R. Taylor said...

nice to see you back. I was checking religiously:) Are you sure you're not NS?

bex said...

I totally empathise. Today I opened my bloglines reader and there were over a thousand unread posts. When did meandering around the internet become a chore?? I hope people will still understand they are loved if it's acknowledged that everyone's snowed under.

magikquilter said...

Good to know that you are well or not too bad anyway...over whatever it was and well on your way to good health I hope. I recently culled a lot of blogs as it was getting ridiculous on my google reader..I sort of only even dared look at half of them and then only every third or so post. It shouldn't become so time consuming that we dread it or do not get to have enough time to have a life outside of work and blogging...it has happened with some artists I know!

Megane~kun said...

Okaeri Mel!

That happened a lot to me too! And I always find it hard to get back on my blogging once my procrastination has taken hold.

I just say to myself, "Just write a small post explaining the absence and it'll be fine". But the moment I start writing, I can't stop! And then it'll grow to a full-blown entry.

And then Poof! I went back to blogging again haha.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thanks everyone! Sorry I was away for so long!

Hey Chris - thanks!

Hey forsythia - it is a wonderful phrase isn't it :)

Hey Dateline - thanks!

Hey Jason - thanks for checking, sorry there hasn't been anything to read for a while. Yep, I'm sure I'm not NS - Sean looks waaaay too much like my little brother for me to be interested.

Hey Bex - I agree, I'm struggling to keep up with it all at the moment, both writing and reading.

Hey Magikquilter - thanks. Blogging can start to suck into life's other pleasures, I'm working at trying to find a balance.

Hey Megane - good to hear you're back as well!

The Kasdan Family said...

Welcome back!

Contamination said...

Mel, it's better that you write when you have something to write about rather than trying to stick to a fixed schedule, you'll burn yourself out if you do otherwise.

Look at me....

Anyhow, that story was great. That girl has a bright future ahead of her.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thanks guys! Yeh, Contamination, I think a blogging burnout is easy to do if you're forcing yourself to post everyday.