Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More Student Writing

It's all starting to wind down for the calendar year here at school. Tests are finished, marked and returned. We know have two weeks of classes before the winter break. So much of the school year is spent teaching for tests, that these two weeks are a great chance to let the students have a bit of fun with the language.

In the junior high classes, we've started doing Christmas activities and we'll continue those into the second week. In the high school class, we're playing a game and then putting the students in pairs to write some stories. They're encouraged to write a piece with some humor. The paper they are given has some pictures that they have to use to inspire them or to tie into the narrative. One picture has a couple kissing. It usually brings out the funniest results.

I thought I'd share a couple with you (both written by boys and I haven't corrected the mistakes)...

Piece one;

There was a man whose name is Hiroshi.
There was a woman whose name is Tetsuko. He loved her and she loved
him. It was hot. It was terrible hot. It was hotter than any
other thing.

But there was a man whose name is
Smith. He was very cool. Here was more cold than cool. He was
getting closer and closer to the couple. The temperature turned
down. It was colder than any other thing.

Piece two;

They are crossing their tongues. A man takes
off his wears.... It was exciting play.

Really, it doesn't take much to excite boys does it?


Guzzisue said...

thanks for making me laugh :-)

Jade said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I can certainly see how blogging can become addictive :P

I love those stories too - they definitely made me laugh out loud!

Hyde DP said...

sometimes imperfect english is so delicious

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Hey Guzzisue - Anytime!

Hey Jade - Yep, watch out it is addictive. Welcome to the blogging world!

Hey Hyde - it is isn't it!

NurseExec said...

New reader here--this post cracked me up! Looking forward to reading more.

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