Friday, August 11, 2006

I got tagged!

Mel has asked me to write five weird things about myself. Weird? There's nothing weird at all about me! I'm totally and utterly, boringly normal I swear. My lovely dear husband however was quick to jump in and point out a lot more than 5 strange things about me. He says he still loves me for my quirks (well most of them anyway).

So here goes....

1. I find the texture of food equally if not more important than the flavour. For example, I HATE corn. Those horrible little yellow bubbles that squirt in your mouth are just disgusting! HOWEVER, corn soup with all the bubble pre-busted, I love. I also hate slimy foods like fresh mango. BUT I love mango juice and especially love mango sorbet. Along the same lines is softdrink. You see I’m not a fan of carbonated drinks, so I’ll pour out some diet coke and then stir it up to get rid of as many of the bubbles as possible. I believe that a bottle of soft drink is at its prime about a week after it has been opened and is lovely and flat.

2. Pretty much everyone that knows me, knows that I love chocolate. BUT what most people don’t know is that for a while now, chocolate leaves a really horrible aftertaste in the back of my mouth. This however has not stopped me from eating chocolate or even reduced my consumption. To solve the problem, I follow the chocolate with a chaser, usually, more chocolate. When that runs out, the chaser will be a drink or otherwise I will go and brush my teeth. It has been the same with Minties since I was a kid, hense I’ve never been able to stop at a single Mintie. Mmm would this be classed as an addiction?

3. My eyes change colour. They go anywhere from blue to green to grey. They are at their most beautiful when I have an awful hangover or am really dehydrated.

4. I dream vividly. Not unusual in itself. But what I dream will then affect me for the rest of the day. Sometimes I will wake up in the morning really angry with Wayne. The conversation goes a little like this:
W: “What’s wrong?”
M: “You were so mean to me last night.”
W “No I wasn’t!”
M “Yes you were! In my dream.”
W “But that was just a dream honey.”
M “Of course I know it was. But there must have been some reason that I dreampt it.”

The day then continues with me being mad and Wayne having resigned himself to the fact.

5. When I was a kid, I had a theory about how the “walk” signs worked at traffic lights. I believed that the button you pushed to indicate that you wanted to cross the road was connected to a miniature hammer. This tiny hammer, with the aid of lots of tiny pulleys and levers would then hit a little ant on the head who was sleeping on a tiny bed. Sleepily, he would then walk across the road, via an underground tunnel and wake up the other ant at the other side, sleeping on his tiny little bed. The first ant would then walk back to the other side (a little more awake and energetic now). Once he got to his side, both ants would hold up their little green cardboard “Walk” signs. I felt the evidence for this was that at times you were impatient and you keep hitting the button repeatedly, it always took longer for the walk sign to come up. This was because when you kept hitting the button, you were in turn hitting the ant on the head. This would annoy him, so he would deliberately walk slower because he was angry at you.

So that would be it folks! If you want to have a looks at Mel's endearing little quirks, click on the "Mel and Seigo" link at the side.

So while, not all of you have blogs, I'm tagging:
  1. Christine
  2. Leigh
  3. Joan
  4. Danielle
  5. And anyone else who would like to do it.

Please leave some in the comments if you don't have a blog!


Mel & Seigo said...

Pfffttt!! I thought mine were freakish!! What's with that last one? Where the hell did you come up with that??

Sarah said...

Pre-busted bubbles!! LOL i love it! Those were hysterical!

Anonymous said...

Mum. You should write a Children's book about the little ants. How did such normal parents get such a strange daughter??