Monday, June 04, 2007

Free hugs

Tonight while I was YouTube surfing... ummm.. I mean working very hard, I came across this gorgeous video about a guy in Sydney giving out free hugs. It is so lovely and made me a little teary thinking about how much I miss hugs from my friends in Australia. The music is by a band called the Sick Puppies.

I then got to thinking... I wondered if this would work in Japan. Japan isn't a country known for its hugging. I searched further and found many responses to this first video from Tokyo and Kyoto. Here's one of them

So to everyone out there to whom I can't give a real hug to - cyber hugs to you (to everyone other than the sighing, eye rolling, ignoring bank teller that is).


Jason R. Taylor said...

what a great service! maybe someone should start hug bars and cafes!!!

Imaginif... said...

Hi Melanie
I got onto your blog through your brother and sister-in-law. Thank you for your response to them about how to display a video Leigh had found.
Here's a virtual hug to you from me in gratitude.
Do you know about the Carnival of Australia? It's open to Aussie bloggers or those blogging about Australia. Would be great to have some posts from you to include.
You take care

Pilarcita said...


Yesterday I was searching for the guys doing the Free Hugs here in Kyoto, but couldn´t find them. I think they took a break at that moment!...hahaha Anyway, later I met them at a bar and even though they were not holding their signs anymore I received lots of HUGS!...