Monday, June 25, 2007

How do you comment....?

Every now and then as a teacher, you come across some work that you're really not sure on how to comment.

This particular gem came from a student in response to the question of what they thought visitors to Japan would find surprising;

"I think a visitor to Japan might find lowness of
men's toilet. In America or Europe men's toilets are installed
higher. Japanese men's toilets are installed very low because Japanese men
are shorter than European and American.

On the contrary, if we use the toilet in America,
we have to turn our Johnsons upward."

I am curious guys (as opposed to girls...) is it true?


Cluey said...

Hehehe people there actually use the term 'Johnson'?! I think that rates something I'd find surprising about Japan...

melanie said...

Hey Cluey

Yeh, the word "Johnson" really threw me as well. I have no idea where he picked that one up from!

southofreality said...

Haha. I always heard the term 'johnson' when I was teaching in public schools. Basically, guys can talk about their members here without feeling ashamed. It's not a taboo topic, nor is breast size for example.

As far as the toilet being too high or too low, I don't know what to say. If he was talking about urinals, I guess he's mistaken. If he was talking about sitting toilets, tell him to sit down next time and aim his 'johnson' downward.