Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dancing in the Street

Wow! That holiday went fast!

We had timed our return from the trip to be back in time for a festival in a friend's village. We had missed many of the summer festivals this year, but luckily caught a few at the end.

I wrote about the Obon Festival last year and one of the dances we went to. I really enjoy the atmosphere at the Bon-Odori (Obon Dances), I love the way everyone dances together, often dressed in yukata (summer kimono). It's an unabashed celebration of life and traditional culture, something you rarely see in Australia unless it involves a beer or two.

This summer I also went to the Nagoya Do Matsuri. This is another dance festival, but many teams compete against each other. We went to watch it on the Saturday in Sakae when the teams were dancing their way down the street. The day was stinking hot. I felt terribly sorry for the dancers out in the sun, in hot looking costumes. The energy they exuded however was really impressive.

Again, I've only got a few photos up into my Flickr account so far, but more will gradually be added.

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James Clarke said...

Absolutely stunning photos Mel, very professional looking.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thanks James! I hope they're professional looking, I used to be a professional photographer, but find I'm a bit out of practice these recent years and am starting to loose my touch :(

eileen page said...

Hi Melanie
Love your photos. Please post more.
Would you believe my daughter mel (yes her name is melanie too) has just told me that her boyfriend and her are going to Japan next month for 9 days before flying to New York. Am I jealous or what. Eileen page