Thursday, September 13, 2007


I'm finding it hard going today. Thirteen days behind schedule, I'm trying to give up caffeine.

I've never been a coffee drinker. I've tried, I love the smell of coffee but have never grown to like the taste. My preferred source of caffeine has always been tea and chocolate.

I have been attempting to give up chocolate for the last 13 days and with only a few minor stumbles, I've done pretty well. I needed some emergency M&Ms when I was stressed the other night. Today, I'm trying the switch from lovely caffeine containing black tea to herbal. I can tell you, my organically grown, fair trade, peppermint tea just isn't cutting it. Don't get me wrong, it tastes great, it's just not giving me the kick I need right now.

My throbbing headache may or may not be because I haven't had my hit but regardless, I gave up chemical substances on the first of September as well, so no painkillers for me. Gone too are peanuts, Diet Coke and marshmallows. It's hopefully all in a good cause though. I'm attempting to stop my future children (no, not pregnant now...) inheriting my pain-in-the-butt food allergies and basically give them a good start in life.

I did have a lovely perk-up today though. I got my student feedback of my teaching back. I did well I'm happy to say. My favourite two comments were;

"Her body is full of kindness" and "Her smile is very good, her English is pretty good." They help take the headache away.


Moojj said...

I know how you feel. I gave up coffee a few years ago. It was quite difficult, but I feel much better without it.

soCherry said...

I've just finished giving up caffeine - it was hellish there for a few days but OK now.

It's just crap having a [non-chocolate] cake without caffeine - seems like a waste to have another boring fruit drink. Plus too many fruit drinks had a different effect on my body...

Good luck - you'll see it through.

jeff said...

Giving up caffeine was one of the hardest things I ever accomplished. I still remember those horrible, throbbing headaches I got for the first month (they did dissipate.) I think it was those headaches that keep me from renewing my love of everything with caffeine. I drink a lot of rooibos  sometimes called red tea now. This beverage is caffeine free and comes in many different herbal blends.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thanks guys! I have to confess, I've been going back to tea every couple of days recently. You wouldn't think tea would be so hard to give up!

Jeff, I'll have to get myself some Rooibos tea. I've drunk it before and really liked it - but never realised it was caffeine free. Thanks for the tip!

Contamination said...

Caffeine is my friend, it helps me through my day as I have to be alert and smile at my students, even though I'd rather pick up my mechanical pencil and shove it through one of their eye sockets. (at times)

But on day's off (like today) I keep away from Caffeine, as it's a chance to lower my resistance and dependency on this chemical.

Do you like Dr Pepper? Read about it at

Anonymous said...

Ms. Nakai gave me the link to your BLOG. I have never drank coffee so I don't have anything insightful to comment about you kicking your java habit.

However, I work at TAKI for three years and now run a boxing gym near INUYAMA. I hear you have a husband with a cool name that can coach boxing so I'm interested in meeting both of you. Write me some time:

Wayne (hence the comment about your husband's name)

Jason R. Taylor said...

what's this about your thinking of going home?

Contamination said...

You have just been given some Winter in Japan Blog Link Love here.