Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to have a bad day and How to make it a little better...

How to have a bad day
  • Be in February - When my friend Joan lived in the UK, she used to call this month "Slit-your-wrists-February". After a couple of months of the cold and not being outside much, now I've hit February I'm so over it and know that I still have weeks until it's going to start getting warmer.
  • Be a Tuesday - I have my least favourite high school class on Tuesdays. By half-way through the lesson, I feel the need to check their pulse, by the end, I feel the need to check mine. While on Mondays I have my least favourite junior high school class, I have my best high school one the same day, so they even out. On Tuesdays, they are all kind of duds.
  • Be a rainy day - not only is it cold, grey and dreary but it also means you can't ride your bike to work, so have to leave early to walk there in time.
  • Be tired due to not enough sleep and nightmares the night before due to stress.
  • Start your day writing tests.
  • Start your first class breaking up a play fight just in time to stop a kid's head being split open. This is after you've already yelled at them to stop. Yell at them again and hurt your throat.
  • Notice that the curtains in your classrooms and teachers room are the same colour as what you imagine what body odor would be if it had a colour.
  • Have a series of high school presentations that are so bad you feel your very life essence being sucked out of you. The worst, going for ten minutes and you realise at the end, you have no idea what they were talking about.
  • Resist the temptation to slap a kid across the head for laughing at a student during his good presentation.
  • Be cold despite the fact that you're wearing your mountain-climbing long thermal underwear under your jeans, two pairs of long woolen socks, disposable, stick-on "sock warmers", a thermal under-shirt, a long-sleeved turtle neck shirt, a vest and a lined woolen coat. AND you're in your teacher's room.
  • Record two listening tests and be so cold in the recording room you can no longer feel the tip of your nose or your fingers despite the fact that you're wearing the above plus a down-filled jacket.
  • Have a pile of marking sitting in front of you that you know you should be doing even though all you really want to do is curl up and go to sleep.

How to make your bad day a little better

  • Use your brand new, thermal lunch box for the first time and have a yummy warm lunch at work.
  • Get handmade cookies and chocolates as an early Valentine's Day present from a student.
  • Have a student give an inspiring presentation about his time at the World Scout Jamboree and how meeting other non-native English speakers who didn't care about the mistakes they made with the language made him feel more confident in speaking.
  • Know that you have a Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix at home that a friend brought back from Guam for you. Plan to make them tonight and surprise your husband when he gets home.

How's your day going?


Anonymous said...

My day was good. I bought a new nabe cooker and am fixing to do up some nabemono this weekend.

On an unrelated note, I love your blog (you know that), but reading those lines of white text on the black background leave a striped pattern burned into my retinas for about 10 minutes after I finish reading.
Please don't tell me, 'If you don't like it, don't come back.'
That would hurt my feelings (now, it's just my eyes that hurt).

tornados28 said...

It starts out rough due to getting up at 5:15 am but then gets better with a good coffee.

It gets even more better with a nice walk around downtown Los Angeles on my lunch break, especially since it is about 78 degrees today.

Sorry that it is so cold where you are.

Amber said...

Wow, your day sounds like a real bummer. I'm so sorry *hugs*. Chocolate is wonderful, eat lots of it!

The cold can be something awful, there've been a few occasions where the power was out. Reasons I won't specify... Thanks Dad! *laughs*

And in the arctic tundra, at least, that's what the weather is like there, it was so miserable that I actually felt like dying.

As for my day, well, I've been battling another migraine for... 3 days, I believe. Had to get online for some quick business but my goodness, does it hurt!

Contamination said...

Terrible day. I think I would have called in sick before hand!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thanks for the comments! Sorry for the late replies...

Hey southofreality; Yum! Nabe! I've been too lazy to cook it (well prepare it really, the cooking is the easy part) I really should do it soon before it starts to get warm and I'm complaining about the heat. As you already know by now, I agree with you about the white on black look and this comment was just the gentle kick up the behind that I needed to change it ;)

Hey tornados28; Ohh... 5.15, that's rough. I would be even grumpier then!

Hey Amber; Hope your migrane has gone by now, nasty things they are! I just don't know what I'd do if I lost power and had no heating in this weather! Actually, I do, I think I'd be going straight to the airport and catching the first flight back to Australia.

Hey contamination; yep, calling in sick would have been a great plan for that day.