Friday, July 04, 2008

Ten Days

Ten days until summer holidays begin, which means;

Ten more days of teaching on a construction site with the sound of jack hammers and drills to scream over in class.
Ten more days of teaching in a dungeon of a classroom with peeling paint and curtains the colour of body odour.
Ten more days of having to make my lunch before work every morning.
Ten more days left in this old dusty staff room.

When we come back from summer holidays, a new school building will be finished, with our new classroom, new staffroom and we'll finally have a staff cafeteria back!

Just ten more days.


Serena said...

"curtains the colour of body odour". That is the most wonderful descriptive comment I've ever heard...... Love it (although not to see them in person mind you, love the description). You're a poet !!

billywest said...

Oh, come on! You're gonna miss the jackhammer sounds and you know it.

Wait! It's Japan, you'll never have to miss the sound of construction; there's a new project just around the corner.

Peter Korkala said...

This is my first comment here, and first I want to tell you that your blog is very interesting! I found it by your interview at Mottekaero jDonuts.
I must copy Serena's comment about the curtains! How descriptive!

How long is the vacation in Japan?

Melanie Gray Augustin said...


Hey Serena - I honestly have to say, when I look at them, that's the only way I can describe the colour. They look like they've absorbed the scent of every smelly boy (the girls aren't smelly) since WW2.

Hey Billywest - how right you are!

Hey Peter - nice to "meet" you! and Thanks! The summer holidays at my school are about 6 and a half weeks. So as you can probably guess, I'm very excited! Mind you, I feel a bit guilty, even though they are officially summer holidays, my school is a high level academic school, so the students still have to come almost every day during the holidays (including some weekends), so the other teachers have to come to teach them. It's just us foreign teachers that get the full break.