Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dreaming of space

The thing I probably miss most about Australia, after my dear friends and family, is space. I stumbled across a blog the other day and the person had a picture of their studio/workspace. It was airy. It was organised. There was space!

The catalyst for Wayne and I coming to Japan was losing my dream rental home. It was a sweet little early 1920s colonial with polished wood floors and high ceilings. I just loved my studio in that house. Along two walls were windows that faced the north and overlooked a garden. The light was magical and it was a place I wanted to spend a lot of time in. I really miss having an airy studio. My workspace now is a corner less than 1 metre squared. If I really want to make anything, the room has be pulled apart. The tatami floor is my workbench.

So recently, Wayne and I have been talking more and more about going back to Australia. We don't plan to do so for a few years yet, but we've started looking, just out of interest, at property in the village we'd like to live, Mapleton. It's a sweet little mountain village, about an hour out of Brisbane, our hometown, and about 20 - 30 minutes to gorgeous beaches. I found my dream house on my search, by my favourite Queensland architect, Gabrielle Poole. Ahh.... starting to dream of that studio already.... Anyone got a spare half a million they want to lend me.....?

Views from my dream house

Just look at the views from the kitchen! It makes even me want to cook!

A lovely sense of air and space

The outside of the house

This isn't from the same house, but another in the next town. I've always wanted a bath with a view.


Mel & Seigo said...

Make sure it's got a spare room, kay? ;)

melanie said...

Certainly will Mel ;)

Badaunt said...

I've stopped checking out NZ real estate sites the last couple of years. It's too depressing. Prices keep going up and up, and my salary stays the same. NZ is having a real estate boom, the NZ dollar is way up ... and the yen isn't getting any stronger.