Monday, November 19, 2007


It's now officially really cold, I saw snow this morning! Admittedly, the snow was capping a mountain in the distance, but it was snow none-the-less. I swear I saw three snowflakes yesterday swirling in the air, but Wayne thinks I was imagining it.

I was hoping some semblance of warmth would hold out for a few more days. We plan to re-arrange the apartment this coming long weekend and was hoping to wait until then to pull out the heaters and winter clothes. Yesterday, I wore a blanket around the apartment but still my fingertips were frozen and made it hard to type.

Last night I gave in and dug out a couple of heaters. And a dig it was. If you've ever lived in a Japanese apartment, you know how precious space is, our heaters were buried in the back of a cupboard under suitcases and backpacks. I haven't gotten out winter clothes yet but have been wearing what I like to think of a bohemian style of layers to survive. I did have to go to the 100yen shop to buy some gloves for the bike ride to school as my fingers couldn't wait.

You would think that once I got to school, I would be warm, but the opposite is true. The floor in the staffroom is freezing and with the Japanese culture of having to wear slippers inside, I can't wear my lovely warm boots during the day. I have a lap blanket I use and have been known to wear a down jacket and scarf at my desk to stop asthma attacks from the low temperature. Adrianne is already wearing her down jacket in the staff room today.

Our school is undergoing major construction at the moment and in the process, we lost one of our classrooms. Most of the time it's OK as one teacher will conduct the class in the student's homeroom. During interview tests however, we need both. What has happened this testing period is that one teacher has to sit outside in the cold, sunless, windy corridor. Thank goodness it's Sam and not me! Poor Gareth has three hours of interview tests to do there today! To make things scarier - it's cold now, but our next tests are in February when we'll be in the depths of winter and our new building won't be up then. And then don't even get me started on the female teachers toilets that are outside.....

On a happier note, I have to say, my husband is wonderful. He knows how much I hate this weather and so on cold nights, he goes to bed before I do, lies on my side and warms it up for me. How sweet is that! He even, admittedly not so happily, allows me to warm up my cold hands on his warm body parts. It's like having a living, breathing, large sized water bottle. Last night, he braved the low temperature and got me chocolate that I was craving and then this morning, he let me stay in while he went out and did the recycling by himself. Isn't he great! I'm not sure what I did to deserve him, but don't tell him that.


Contamination said...

snow, Snow, SNOW!
You must post pictures of snow ASAP!

It's a shame you have to wear slippers inside, I get to keep my shoes on all day as I please. Then again you could invest in some thick wool socks. (Made from Australian wool of course!)

As for your sleeping arrangements, you could get a cat.

tornados28 said...

Thank god for the heated toilet seats.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Hey Contamination

Will try to get some pictures of snow up soon, I see it on my bike on my way to school in the morning, when I'm not quite functioning yet.

I was actually looking at battery operated heater socks (with Australian wool) last night. But the battery only lasts a day and I can't justify that environmental waste just to keep my toes warm.

We were looking at cats (and dogs) on the weekend at a pet shop and didn't find a single one under 150,000 yen! Not really looking to buy, just out of interest.

Hey Tornados28

I really wish we had a heated toilet seat! Even though I work at a private school, the buildings are so old and crappy and they are so stingy on many things, there is no way in hell they would get us a heated toilet seat :(