Thursday, January 24, 2008

Domestic Violence

I've renamed my "Help Me Help Me" class to the "Domestic Violence" class. I think it's a name I've stolen from Badaunt, sorry Badaunt, but it's a name that fits so well with this group. A lot of punching goes on, but it's all between friends and strangely, they seem to enjoy it, both the hitter and the hit-ee.

I feel like I probably should get mad at them, but I don't feel angry at all. They make me laugh.

A lesson with them can go something like this;

Student, pointing to his friend; "He's M, he's M"

I look at him confused, ""M", what do you mean "M"? I have no idea what you're talking about."

"You know, "M", he's "M"!" The student then punches his friend really hard in the shoulder and explaines, "See, he's "M", I'm "S" and he's "M"".

I just shake my head, laugh and walk away.


Badaunt said...

The name clearly fits, and you're welcome to it! In my case it was from a class where there were two guys who were always hitting each other (they're really into that here, aren't they?) and then accusing each other of 'domestic violence,' which seemed to be the only two words they actually knew well in English.

They were also really, really funny. Your guys sound like they're ready to carry on the tradition!

Brad said...

I see that every day in my classes too though I have a very strict "no hitting" rule in my classes because I've seen joking turn into injury several times.

I think it's due to the majority of humour here being physical. While western countries seem to have outgrown Three Studges (spl?) like comedy it's still very much alive here.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Hey Badaunt

Thanks! Yes, these guys really are carrying on the tradition. In class the other day, the conversation went something like this.

Me: "Go sit down and do your work."

Student: "But he's a bad boy. He punch me. He's domestic violence."

Me: "Go and sit down or I will do domestic violence on you."

Mmm... great example aren't I, both morally and linguistically!

Hey Brad

Yeh, I probably should have the same rule in my classrooom. You're right about the sense of humour, maybe that's why they think it's funny.

Chris said...

Are you all ALT, JET's???

That stuff would not go down at my school. Unless it's after I finished my core lesson. If it happened during and they were interrupting me they would not do it twice.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Hi Chris

I'm actually not either. I'm an English Communications teacher. At the school I work, the students have three types of English classes a week; a grammar class, a reading comprehension class, and mine, which is mostly speaking.

These antics only go on while they are doing pair or group work, which there is a lot of in my subject. They know not to interrupt me while I'm teaching. They know I'm strict, but my punishments are fair.

We are encouraged not to be too scary though, as we are partly the "friendly face" of English and our classes should be as enjoyable as possible while they learn.

With the style of work they do in our classes (there are 4 full-time native English speaking communication teachers at my school), we find it more effective to let them play up a little, but in a clearly defined timeframe (ie NEVER when another student or myself are talking in front of class) and then they happily do the other work and are willing to be more adventurous with the language.

Chris said...

Yeah, if you see the smiling faces on my blog you can see I'm half full of S__t!! We play like 4 year olds at Toys are Us, but they know my part comes first and then it's all theirs!

pretty much the same as what you said. :)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Ahh.. good to know ;)