Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Hope You Have a Happy!

On our recent trip to Matsumoto (which I'll blog about soon), Wayne and I met some high school students doing a volunteer clean-up of the local train stations. A few of the boys were brave enough to come and talk to us in English. As they were leaving one of them waved good-bye and said with a big smile, "I hope you have a happy!"

We were waiting for the last word, a happy.... new year? A happy.... Christmas? A happy... day? A happy.... life? But nothing else came. Just, "I hope you have a happy!"

We thought it was a great phrase, and so useful, it could be used for any occasion. So everyone, I hope you have a happy!


Cluey said...

Hi Mel! You're right, that phrase is so handy we all should use it all the time - for everything!

So I hope you have a Happy too, and a very happy Happy at that!

I 'heart' your blog, it's always so interesting! I know I should update mine more often but I am lazy to the point of currently evolving into a sloth (3-toed obviously, being the slowest species & also endangered) & I confess I have been wasting wayyyy too much time on facebook... Btw I found u on there so I'll send u a poke :o)

Oh, and rum balls rule.

Contamination said...

Mel, I hope you too have a happy!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thanks guys! A Happy to both of you too!