Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mino Lanterns

Last night, Wayne and I went to Mino with Natsuki and Ikuko to see the lanterns. We had sadly missed the big festival last month due to Wayne being "diseased in the head". In the festival in October, the old cobbled streets of mino are lined with hundreds of lanterns in its annual competition.

Mino is famous for its handmade paper, so all the entries into the competition must use Mino Washi - Mino's handmade paper. Some of the pieces are truly amazing and the old town looks magical.

There were only a small number of the lanterns to be seen last night, but it was a lovely evening, the moon was bright in the autumn sky and the air was crisp. We can't wait to go again next year.


Anonymous said...

It is a very wonderful photo!!
A photo is better than I really looked.
It was very cold.


Mel & Seigo said...

Hey Mel,

Ohhh, I tried to get Seigo to take me on Thursday night but it wasn't to be. Can you believe I've missed this event every year I've been here??? Crazy!!

Must take Bubba next year...wanna make it a date?

Sally said...

Hey Mel, wow, the lanterns look amazing.
Are you slowly morphing from gaijin to nihonjin? Or is that not possible?
Enjoy the Winter, tramping through the snow to get to school, those boots will certainly come in handy.