Monday, November 27, 2006

Talking 'bout the weather

One thing I love about living in Japan is watching the seasons change. When we first arrived here in March, Wayne saw his first snow. Quickly the white of snow turned to the pale pink of the Cherry Blossoms. Their days were short-lived and the sky turned to grey for the rainy season. I always dread the end of rainy season, because it heralds the arrival of summer. The Japanese summer is long, hot, humid and exhausting. Before we knew it though, the skies had turned a clear crisp blue with faint brushstrokes of clouds to announce autumn. This year autumn was unseasonably warm so we had hardly seen the leaf colours change before the cold of winter was upon us.

It really doesn't feel like long ago that I was complaining of the heat, and now, I'm rugging up every day in multiple layers and looking at down-filled jackets. My friends back home tell me of the heat that is now building up. While I really miss the Queensland beaches in summer, I'm looking forward to a white Christmas - we're going to be up in Nagano skiing for the holiday this year.

Just so you can see if I'm my weather complaints are accurate or a little exaggerated, I've found a little weather box to put on my blog.

Mmmm best go, time for another hot chocolate to warm me up......

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