Monday, November 27, 2006

Some Shameless Begging

I have just entered some photos in a contest and as always, left it to the last minute to submit them. Told myself I had plenty of time. Then of course - I noticed that you need votes from viewers!

The magazine is called the Japanzine (the old Alien if you were here long ago like I was). You DO need to sign up as a member though, so no worries if you don't want to..... It is a cool mag though, especially when you're living here or were living here, or want to live here, or want to visit here, or want to know what it's like for your friend to live here ......

My photos can all be seen at:

that of course is just one of the photos - you can see my others on the side.


Michelle said...

Great photo! I will try and sign up to this mag. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

for the past two days i have been reading your blog and it's really entertaining. I really laughed out loud at the scenario you described about the light switch at your apartment and when the fire alarm went off - had me in stitches!! I did a similar thing in Akan-ko (Hokkaido) when i went to the toilet there..there was no handle with the picture for flush and there was a big red button on the wall so i pushed it - then this siren went off through the park and the security people came rushing in, only to find that a stupid gaijin had pressed the emergency button (when someone has an accident in the toilet for old people mainly) and my husband, who is japanese sort of pretended he didn't know embarrassing it was!! Glad to know there is someone else besides me who does funny things in Japan..haha...when i read your stories i feel natsukashii!