Thursday, November 16, 2006

So just how cute are you?

I learnt a new Japanese proverb today. Jason, one of the guys I work with was telling me about his son. He said something along the lines of "He's so cute, you could stick him in your eye and it wouldn't hurt." My response? "Whaaaaaaat??????"

He was translating the Japanese proverb,

"me ni iretemo itakunai" 目に入れても痛くない

otherwise translated as "Even if it pokes me in the eye, it wont hurt (it is VERY cute!)" or "Even if I stick it in my eye, it won’t hurt".

Interesting idea...... thanks for that one Jason.

1 comment:

Mel & Seigo said...

I hadn't heard of that one either...

Seigo said grandparents often use it. Now, who'll be first to get Ryder in their eye???