Wednesday, February 07, 2007


195. 195. 195!

That's how many "Critical Objects" were found on my computer! Damn the stupid Microsoft Defender for not picking up a single one!

I feel violated (by someone hacking into my account - not by the spyware). I'm upset, I feel physically ill and I've had little sleep. I feel stupid for not having better protection on my computer. I feel stupid for trusting the protection I had. And I feel angry.

I'm also feel so glad that I have a wonderful husband who didn't get angry when I woke him up in the middle of the night asking how I check for spyware on my computer. He didn't get angry and he could tell me what to do straight away. He understood when I came to bed half an hour later upset and wide awake and sat up with me while I went over all my "What ifs". He's such a wonderful boy.

I know highly recommend everyone to download the free software through Google - AdAware. Do a scan on your computer. Check who's watching. Don't let these bastards get to you.

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Jaguth's Blog said...

Actually, the majority of critical items that adaware picks up is from cookies from your browser's cache, such as your amazon cart (if you use amazon). Still, its a great program.

I like your blog, its so funny. Keep up the good work!