Tuesday, February 06, 2007


You think it'll never happen to you.... Well I always did... I was careful with passwords, careful where I access my accounts on-line, but it has happened. Someone is trying to get into a number of my accounts!

I was first barred from my eBay account the other day as someone had tried to use my credit card details so that card was cancelled. Today, I got an email that almost looked legit from Paypal asking for all my details. Almost. I had a good look at it and picked the mistake and reported it. Now my account has restricted access because in the last hour someone has tried to withdraw money from it! Bastards!

I now have to go through everything, change access details, the lot! What a pain. I'm just glad that three financial institutions I use have picked this up quickly. But someone has tried to hack into three of my accounts!!!

Scary! Very scary!

** Update
Not only a bastard, but maybe a complete idiot! Whoever has hacked into my account has tried to purchase credit for a phone account, so I have their phone number!

I'd like your opinion... do I call the number? Wayne says I shouldn't (he's worried about legal implications), but I'm pretty fired up and annoyed right now.. I'm thinking I should...

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