Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bad case of the "what if"s

Since my last post I have just changed all my passwords and tried to get to sleep. Tried. As I was finally drifting off I thought, "What if the suspect email I got and clicked on the link managed to somehow install spyware on my computer. What if the minimal amount they tried to take from one account was a way of getting me to freak out and change my passwords. What if when I just changed all my passwords, they have been watching and now have not one but ALL of my passwords! What if!!!"

I now have two spyware scans running and in the last few minutes, they've already found 75 "Critical Objects"!! You're not paranoid if someone really is watching! I have firewalls, I have the bloody useless Windows Defender, I have virus protection and yet I have now 94 Critical Objects! That's 19 more found in the time it took me to write two sentences!

I really want to sleep now, but too scared that someone is watching.....

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