Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Warrior Husband

Wayne had his Iaido grading today and recieved his first level. Congratulations honey!

It's a bit difficult to explain Iaido, so I've made my very first video. It was taken while he was doing the grading.


Mel & Seigo said...

Yay!! I'm the first to comment!!

Congratulations Wayne - you looked very...regal ;)

When's the next grading? I'm sure all your Iaido buddies will be on your back to keep going now!!

Well done from us 3 :)

Chris Lotinga said...

Hi guys and congrats Wayne! Not sure what it was all about but very impressive nonetheless :)

Ralph said...


well done, but please don't practice when we are visiting your apartment.

Anonymous said...

I never new what Iaido was.
It looks cool.
Wayne looks good in Hakama as well.