Friday, January 19, 2007

Super Robot Anime

I'm currently sitting at my desk at school drowning under a pile of marking. We've given our Ko1 (high school first grade) students the task of preparing a presentation. While the actual class is a breeze to teach, there is so much checking of work to do afterwards. The correcting of garbled English and the boredom of hearing about the same baseball and soccer players is quite draining. Jason, who teaches Ko1 with me, is getting great at writing the kanji for "translating software" 翻訳, reminding students NOT to use it.

Every now and then though, a gem comes along and revives me. This is an introduction that came from a student;

I like Super Robot anime very much. It is the anime where active robots appear as heroes. Oh, who says "Gundam" now? What a fool man! Super Robot anime has a power that the other cartoons don't have. The power is called "Nekketsu" in Japanese. The power gives me the vigour to live every day. So I like it very much. Why don't you watch it?

I just love the "What a fool man!" and the fact that the robots' power gives him vigour to live. This kid is a classic otaku. He's really sweet, puts so much energy and expression into his presentations and is very passionate about his robots.


Jason R. Taylor said...

I often say "Gundam" I must be a fool, man!

Jason R. Taylor said...

United States of Australia?