Saturday, January 13, 2007

New designs

Just before I went back to work, I finally got my design day I was needing. I had actually taken one before our visitors arrived, but was so flat and no inspiration came and the designs reflected that.

After my fabulously manic visit from my cousin Danielle, a really talented jewellery designer, I was all fired up and ready to create again.

For those of you who don't know, I have a business in Australia, called ki creations, and I design handmade greeting cards that are Japanese influenced and use yuzen paper. They now sell throughout Australia and in a few stores in the US. In Australia, Bayswiss is one of my biggest stockists.

My range really needed some new life to it and these are some of the new designs. I'm hoping they'll go well.


Sally said...

Love the designs Mel!

Kelly-Chan said...

What do you call the craft of making the japanese paper dolls like the one on your card? Any idea of a website that shows how to make it? I've been looking for a book about making it but i can't find any...
Your cards are excellent by the way, such a multi-talented Lady!