Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Say What?

On Saturday, Wayne and I finally got a day to spend together. It has been ages since we've had free day just to be with each other, which is not good when we haven't even been married a year yet.

Our lives have become so busy. We both work full time, Wayne has almost two hours of commuting time to work every day, I teach three extra private classes, we both try to study Japanese (life would be easier here if at least one of us could communicate easily in Japanese), I try to get to the gym (I'm continuing to pile on weight which isn't good for either my health or my happiness), I have two businesses, we both have a number of blogs, Wayne trains in Iaido twice a week and then we try to catch up with friends on the weekend who are mostly an hour's drive away. To add to that, we've had a number of visitors and will continue to have more in the next few months. There hasn't been much time or energy left to put into "us". Wayne, who usually isn't one to complain actually said to me the other day "I want my wife back". I can tell you, the tears streamed after that!

So anyway, on Saturday, I had to pick up some paper for my card business in Australia, so Wayne and I decided to go for a drive together for the day. It was really nice. We stopped into Mino to get the paper and then headed towards Gifu city. There we went to a lovely shrine that was tucked into the bottom of a mountain. I always find the serenity of shrines food for the soul. We then went to the castle at the top of the mountain. It was a replica filled with museum pieces. Wayne was very happy as there were many different things to kill people with. Sometimes it concerns me how much my mild-mannered husband loves weapons. Returning home, we took a leisurely trip through a town I used to work in.

On our travels, we had a good giggle at a sign we saw. It said;

I am happy if you play it easily

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