Friday, January 12, 2007

Not just tissues

I just opened a new packet of tissues today and had to smile at what was written on the packet;

"moist. No, not all tissues are created equal. An antibacterial facial tissue with specially designed moisturizers to be extragentle on your delicate skin. Baby yourself with the gentle cleansing touch of nature. We value a life-style that's easy on people and nature. Uruoi monogatari (moist story??), for your daily life."

Ahh.. it's like going to a day spa each time I blow my nose....


Kelly-Chan said...

Gotta love that Engrish!!
I brought home so many moist towelettes and tissue packs from various Ryokans that have such cute engrish on them! Now whenever i look at them i feel natsukashii (=^_^=)

Mel & Seigo said...

What??!! You're not using a hanky??